Participating in the HSBC/ HKU Business Case Competition 2024 Hong Kong

The nine universities in Hong Kong (excluding HKU) will be formally invited to participate in the competition. Invited universities will nominate one team of four students to represent their university in the competition. Students cannot apply directly to participate.

Competition Format

The competition will take place over two rounds in one day.

Competition Date

23 March 2024

The Day before the competition day

Participants will receive the Round 1 Business Case to solve. Students will preselect their preparation time slot during the registration process. Students will have 6 hours to prepare and submit the presentation via the online submission system.

Competition Day

Morning – Round 1 face-to-face presentation and Q&A at HSBC.

Afternoon – Round 2 face-to-face presentation and Q&A at HSBC.

Late afternoon - Awards Presentation.

Competition Structure

Teams are divided into divisions and slots.

Division A, B, C represent the pool of universities that you compete against.

Slot 1, 2, 3 represent preparation and presentation time.

*The Hong Kong Competition will have 9 teams divided into three divisions with three slots in Round 1 and one division of three teams in Round 2.

Random Draw Procedures

The divisions and presentation slots will be determined by random draw. This draw will be held in the presence of all participants.

Team Composition

Each team should consist of four students and a coach.

All participants must be full-time undergraduate students enrolled at the participating university in the competition year.

All participants should have graduated from secondary school no longer than eight years ago.

Students who have participated in previous editions of the competition are not eligible to compete again.


The judging panel will consist of senior executives from HSBC and other companies. Typically, there are three judges on each panel.

Judges Scoring

Judges will score the teams using the competition scoring sheet, a template of which will be shared with each participating university. Universities will receive a copy of the completed scoring sheets for their team some days after the competition.

Round Format and Rules

In case there is any contradiction between the General Competition Rules and the Round Rules and Format, the latter will take precedence. Please inform the organizers immediately in such a case.

Round 1

The first round will start two days before the presentation day at HSBC on 21 March 11 am when we hand in the cases to participants at the Round 1 Case featured company premises. The handwritten slides, scanned into a pdf presentation will have to be submitted by all teams by 6 pm on 22 March. As submission method, we only accept by a wetransfer.com upload link that is sent to us by email.

The presentation slides should be handwritten on white A4 paper, scanned or photographed, and inserted into a PPT or PDF file. ACRC will provide a title slide template that has to be inserted at the start of the deck.

The submitted presentation will be presented by the team face-to-face on the Competition day morning at the HSBC Main Building in Central, Hong Kong.

The team will present the solution to a panel of three senior business executives from the international business community. Each presentation lasts 20 minutes, followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer session (35 minutes in total).

The three winning teams (one in each division) will progress to the final round, which will be held at HSBC Main Building in the afternoon.

Final Round

For the Final Round of the competition, students will be given an unpublished business case developed by the ACRC. Teams are separated into breakout rooms and are given 3 hours (180 minutes) to read the case, come up with a solution to the case, and prepare a presentation of their solution. The team will present the solution to a panel of three senior business executives from the international business community. Each presentation lasts 20 minutes, followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer session (35 minutes in total). Please note that all team members should be present and should participate at least once during the presentation. For the Final Round, the rules will be the same as during the ASP competition. Please refer to Rules section on our website for details.

Attending the Presentations

Coaches can watch the first-round presentations of their team and all other teams in their division live. Students cannot attend the first-round presentations. Coaches and students from teams who have not made it to the final round, or students that have already presented in the final round, can watch the final round presentations live.

All presentations will be recorded and shared on the HKU ACRC website and YouTube channel.

All participants should familiarize themselves with the competition rules.

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