Frequently Asked Questions

For each round of competition, each team will prepare and present the same case before a panel of three to four judges. All matchups are determined through prior random draw.

Cases will be made available in the breakout rooms at The University of Hong Kong on the days of competition and at HSBC Main Building for the final round of the HKU/HSBC Asia Pacific Case Competition. From round 2 onwards, teams that did not advance in the competition will also receive copies of the cases for the next round.
Teams are given 3 hours to prepare for each presentation.
Coaches should train, guide and assist their teams to prepare for the competition in the weeks and months prior to the competition date. They are not allowed to assist in the case analysis or preparation on the days of competition. Team members are not allowed to communicate with their coaches until all presentations are completed. Each coach is recommended to provide his/her team with feedback at the end of each round of presentation and give written feedback to his/her business school for the benefit of next year's team and coaches.
The cases used are cases developed by the Asia Case Research Centre. It is recommended that teams familiarize themselves in advance with cases that have already been published by the ACRC. Cases can be found at Teaching faculty at postsecondary institutions may register on the ACRC website in order to download free evaluation copies of cases and teaching notes. If a particular case is used for teaching or coaching purposes, please purchase enough copies for each student in the class or on the team.
For reference, copies of the cases will be made available to the coaches on the days of competition.
Participants will be provided with the following: one set of markers in three colors for the overhead projector or visualizer projector acetates; one set of whiteboard markers in three colors; calculators and rulers, pens and pencils, acetates, plain paper, and cue cards.

The presentations must be in English. Overhead acetates, a whiteboard/blackboard, and cue cards are allowed for the presentation. A large number of acetates will be provided in the breakout room. They may not be prepared before the relevant case has been distributed.

Each team will have a strictly enforced maximum of 20 minutes to make its case presentation, followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer session. All team members are required to participate at least once in the presentation.

The dress code for the welcome dinner will be business attire or traditional/national attire. During the competition, the dress code will be business attire. During the team-building event, the dress code will be casual.
HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Case Competition 2021
Championship prize: US$10,000
First runner-up prize: US$5,000
Second runner-up prize: US$2,000
Various other prizes are yet to be confirmed.
HSBC/HKU Hong Kong Case Competition 2021
Championship prize: HK$8,000
First runner-up prize: HK$5,000
Second runner-up prize: HK$2,000
Yes, different cases are used each round. Each case will be unpublished.
While we are unlikely to use a quantitative finance case or a tax accounting case at the competition, cases can cover any business discipline, including but not limited to: Accounting & Control, Economics & Business Policy, Finance & Investments, Government Economic Policy, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Production and Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Strategy, Social Enterprises, and Ethics. To get a good understanding of the cases used in the competition it is advised to practice with cases used in previous years.
A student ambassador will chaperone each team. This student will accompany the teams to the various venues and assist them in other competition-related matters.
ACRC will provide a whiteboard and/or blackboard, chairs, and tables in the breakout rooms for students’ use. Water and snacks will also be provided. Coffee/tea will be available at the start of each round.
All participants must attend all activities not limited to the final award ceremony unless they have applied in writing and received approval for special leave. Certificates of Participation will be awarded to all participants at the final award ceremony.
The ACRC endeavors to take into account everyone’s dietary needs. We, however, may be unable to arrange for halal options at every meal due to a lack of suppliers in Hong Kong. Vegetarian selections are available for every meal. When you have specific dietary needs please let us know on the registration form so we have enough time to make the required arrangements.
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