Competition Format:

The Competition will take place over 3 rounds.

Preparation Rules

PR2-1. Any electronic devices must be switched off in both the preparation rooms and the presentation rooms. This includes tablets, notebooks, iPads, smart watches, PDAs, and all other electronic memory and communication devices.

PR2-2. Reference material (other than material provided by the Asia Case Research Centre) is not allowed.

PR2-3. No personal stationery items are allowed. Each team will be provided with the following:

  • overhead acetate markers: red x 2, blue x 2, black x 3
  • basic calculator
  • ruler x 2
  • ball pens x 4 (blue)
  • pencils x 2
  • highlighters x 4
  • A4 Projector Transparency x 40
  • A4 Paper x 40

PR2-4. During the preparation, the team will be supervised by a Student Ambassador appointed by the organizer. The Student Ambassador will then lead the team from the preparation room in the hotel to the presentation room at HKU.

Presentation Rules

R-1. Laser pointers and similar presentation devices are not allowed.

Other Rules

OR-1. Participants in the competition must not be in contact with any party other than fellow team members (including coaches or other participants) and their student ambassador, through any means, from the start of each round’s preparation session to the end of each round’s presentation session.

OR-2. Participants should, at all times, follow the instructions of the organizers.

OR-3. Participants should arrive at all venues in a timely manner as per the schedule.

OR-4. Participants who wish to shake hands with the judges must do so immediately upon entering the venue. No additional time will be provided if teams are late for their presentation. If teams have not started the presentation by 10 minutes after the scheduled time, the team will automatically be disqualified from the competition.

OR-5. All team members are required to participate at least once in their respective presentations.

OR-6. Team members who have not participated in at least one presentation are ineligible for any prize or certificate of participation.

OR-7. If one team member is sick or otherwise unable to participate, the team can continue as a team of three. A team that has fewer than three members must forfeit.

OR-8. All teams must attend all rounds of competition, either as participants or observers.

OR-9. All teams must attend all the non-competition events marked on the schedule, including team-building events, company visits, and dinners.

OR-10. Each team must have a coach accompanying it to Hong Kong and the competition unless the Asia Case Research Centre has granted prior written approval.

OR-11. Teams or team members who fail to comply with the competition rules will be disqualified.

OR-12. If disputes occur, the decision of the Asia Case Research Centre shall be final.

OR-13. The preparation and presentation times for teams may be amended at any time by the Asia Case Research Centre.

OR-14. If in doubt about any of the rules, participants should consult a member of the Asia Case Research Centre.

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