Competition Rules for HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific 2020 Online Competition

Rules for the Selection of Participants
  1. Each team should consist of four students and a coach.
  2. All participants must be full-time undergraduate students enrolled at the participating university in the competition year.
  3. Students who have participated in previous editions of the competition are not eligible to compete again.
Rules for Participants
  1. The competition will be carried out on the Zoom platform. In case the University of the particular team does not provide students with a Zoom hosting license, such license will be provided by ACRC to the team upon request.
  2. Participants are responsible for installing the required Zoom software on their devices and be within the coverage of internet network allowing high speed data transfer for the purpose of smooth audio/video conferencing. All participants are required to log in from the device with properly working Video Camera connected or built in their devices. All participants are advised to use a headset and be in a quiet space for better audio quality.
    * alternative of Zoom may be used for teams in Mainland China.
  3. By participating, students consent that the presentation and recorded Q&A session will be used by ACRC and HKU for educational, promotional and other purposes.
Preparation Stage
  1. Participants are allowed to use any and all publicly available materials. This includes online as well as offline materials. During the competition, students are only allowed to discuss the case with their group members. Case related discussion with coaches, teachers, company executives, friends and family is not allowed.
  2. Students are allowed to use collaboration software such as Google Docs or similar during the case preparation.
  1. All presentation must be no longer than 20 minutes.
  2. All slides should be handwritten and imported into pdf or ppt format.
  3. Students should submit the video and the ppt or pdf file used in the video on or before the time set by the organizer.
  4. The presentation video should be recorded with the Zoom software with all students logged in on their own device from different locations. That means, students should not be in the same room while recording.
  5. All team members have to be visible at all times during the presentation. For ZOOM, this means students have to use gallery view when recording their presentation.
  6. The ppt or pdf file submitted will be the one used during the Q&A session. No additional slides or modification to the slides will be allowed after submission.
  7. The submitted presentation may include back up slides with additional details that will not be used during the presentation but may be used for the Q&A session if necessary.
  8. Students must use the competition template slide as the opening of their video presentation. The template will be provided by ACRC.
  9. Each student must use the background slide provided by ACRC. Each student will type in their name and the university they represent in their slide.
  1. Q&A session will last for 15 minutes.
  2. HKU will endeavor to run all Q&A sessions on time, however, the organizer reserves the right to change the Q&A times for any reason (including technical or other issues).
  3. The teams need to be available for the Q&A session for at least 2 hours after the original scheduled time in case the session needs to be rescheduled.
  4. There will be a scheduled test session ran with all participating teams to ensure the quality of their connection, audio and video.
  5. The Q&A sessions should start on time. Only students, the team coach, judges and organizers are allowed in the Q&A session online ZOOM meeting. Everybody is required to be logged in to Zoom meeting at least 15 minutes before the start of their Q&A session. The Zoom meeting link or ID will be sent to all participants by ACRC in advance. Participants should inform ACRC in case they have not received the link or ID number at least an hour before the Q&A session.
  6. During the Q&A session, students cannot be in the same room as their team mate or their coach.
  7. During the Q&A session students are only allowed to use Zoom software. Students are not allowed to use any type of collaboration software, social media, or instant messaging software such as Whats app and Wechat during the Q&A session. Hand written notes between team members or oral communication off camera during Q&A is also not allowed. alternative to Zoom may be used with teams from Mainland China.
  8. Each student must use the background slide provided by ACRC. Each student will type in their name and the university they represent in their slide.
Other Rules
  1. If one team member is sick or otherwise unable to participate, the team can request the approval from ACRC to continue as a team of three. A team that has fewer than three members has to forfeit.
  2. Team members that have not participated in at least one presentation are ineligible for any prize or certificate of participation.
  3. All team members are required to participate at least once in their respective presentation(s).
  4. All teams must attend all rounds of competition, either as participants or observers.
  5. Teams or team members who fail to comply with the competition rules will be disqualified.
  6. If disputes occur, the decision of the Asia Case Research Centre shall be final.
  7. The preparation and presentation times for teams may be amended at any time by the Asia Case Research Centre.
  8. If in doubt about any of the rules, participants should consult a member of Asia Case Research Centre.
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