HSBC/ HKU Business Case Competition 2022 Hong Kong - Online Edition

Participating in the Competition

The nine Universities in Hong Kong (excl. HKU) will be formally invited to participate in the Competition. Invited universities will select one team of four students to represent their university in the competition.

Competition Dates

7-9 March 2022

Format of Presentations

A case study will be sent to students and students will have six hours to prepare a slide deck and submit this deck to the ACRC as per the Schedule provided elsewhere on this page.

The presentation slides should be handwritten on white A4 paper, scanned or photographed and inserted into a ppt or pdf file. ACRC will provide a title slide template that has to be be inserted at the start of the deck.

Presentation sessions

The presentations will last 20 minutes followed by a 15 minute Q&A session. The students will be presenting the earlier submitted slide deck live using ZOOM.


The judging panel will consist of senior executives from HSBC and other companies. Typically there are three judges on each panel.

Judges feedback sessions

Each team will have a five minutes feedback session with the judges roughly 10 minutes after completing their presentation.

Judges scoring

Judges will score the teams using the competition scoring sheet, a template of which will be shared with each participating university. Universities will receive a copy of the completed scoring sheets for their team, some days after the competition.

Attending the presentations

Coaches can watch the first round presentations of their team and all other teams in their division live. Students cannot attend the first round presentations

Coaches and students from teams who have not made it to the final round, or students that have already presented in the final round, can watch the final round presentations live.

All presentations will be recorded and shared on the HKU ACRC website and Youtube channel.

Access to ZOOM

ACRC will provide the Zoom video conferencing and presentation software hosting license to teams who do not have access to it through their University.

Competition Schedule

7-9 March 2022

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