2020 Hong Kong Competition Online Edition

Joining the Competition

The Universities will be sent the revised rules and asked to confirm their participation.


The competition format will be changed. There will be one round instead of two rounds. The students will have to submit the presentation in video format in advance, and participate in a live online Q&A session a few days later.

Video Presentations

A case study will be sent to students and students will have six hours to prepare a slide deck and submit a Zoom video of their presentation of this deck to ACRC as per schedule described in the Schedule section in this document.

Students may prepare from home or any other location convenient for them. Participants may access internet, use collaboration software such as Google Documents or similar. Participants should not consult coaches or any other persons.

Each presentation should last a maximum of 20 minutes. The presentation slides should be handwritten on white A4 paper, scanned or photographed and inserted into a ppt or pdf file. ACRC will provide the title slide template that shall be inserted at the beginning of the video.

ACRC will provide the Zoom video conferencing and presentation software hosting license to students who do not have it at their university.

ACRC will screen the videos and if there are no technical issues, ACRC will pass the videos to Judges.

Judges will have a few days to look at the videos as per Schedule.

Live Q&A sessions

15 minute Q&A session will be scheduled and all students are required to participate. The Q&A session will be held via Zoom software.

Judges deliberation sessions

5 minutes deliberation sessions will be scheduled for judges after each Q&A after which Judges will complete the scoring sheets. The scoring sheets will be in a word or fillable pdf format so that the judges may fill the forms on the computer and send to ACRC via email instantly.

Scores Calculation

ACRC will calculate total scores after all Q&A sessions.
If any same scores occur for top 3 teams, there will be an additional deliberation session with the judges to vote on 1/2/3 place.

Feedback sessions

Feedback sessions will be scheduled on the same day as the Q&A sessions.
Each team will receive feedback from the judges. The sessions will be 5 minutes long.

Competition Schedule

4 March, 16:00 – Deadline for HK Online Competition Registration
Online registration – teams will register online using an online form. The form will be sent by ACRC by email to coach, team captain or administrator on 2 March.

5 March, 11am Q&A Order Draw
The Q&A order will be determined by a draw. Anyone can join the Zoom meeting to witness the live lots drawing. The link to the Zoom meeting will be sent together with the registration form link in the email on 2 March.

6, 7, 8 & 9 March – Presentation Preparation and Submission
Upon online registration process, the teams will choose a six hours time slot on one of the following days: 6, 7, 8 or 9 March.

The case will be sent to the teams to designated email accounts 15 minutes before the start of the team’s selected time slot. The team will have 6 hours to analyze the case, prepare the slides, record the video and submit the video to ACRC by uploading the case via www.wetransfer.com to competition@acrc.hku.hk The cut off time (a deadline for submission) is the time of the wetransfer notification when it arrives at the ACRC email account.

* It is essential that the presentations are uploaded before the deadline. Teams are responsible to estimate video rendering and uploading time and plan the six hours efficiently to be able to finish the upload of the rendered video before the deadline.

ACRC will confirm individually with each team that they have received the case at the time the team had specified upon registration.

16 March
The Q&A session will take place on 16 March.


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