Format of the Competition

All teams are composed of 4 undergraduate students and 1 coach. For each round of the competition, participants will be given a business case developed by the ACRC. Teams are separated into preparation rooms and are given three hours to come up with a solution to the case and prepare a presentation of the said solution. The solution will be presented to a panel of three to four senior business executives from the international business community. Each presentation lasts 20 minutes, followed by a 15-minute question and answer session. Each participant is expected to present at least once during each presentation.

The use of PowerPoint in the Competition is banned and students have to use an overhead projector or visualizer for their presentations. By limiting the participants’ ability to click through slide after slide of bullet points, presentations become more engaging, critical thinking is encouraged and both the presenters and the judges have time to focus on the argument.

Last, unlike many other competitions the students are supposed to solve the case and come up with their solutions and implementation plan solely based on the information provided in the case and their own knowledge. As such, the use of electronic devices and reference material is strictly prohibited during the preparation phase.

First Round - 24 teams

first round

Second Round - 16 teams

second round

Third Round - 8 teams

third round

Final Round - 4 teams

final round
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